Certified Nurse Assistant

What is a certified nurse assistant? A caregiver who has a passion for helping others in a medical setting.  Caregiving may entail assisting with walking, transferring someone from a bed to a wheelchair, changing diapers, making beds, medication reminders, transportation – yes, the list of duties can be endless! But most important is making that special someone feel better physically and emotionally. Being a CNA is hard work but very rewarding. Currently, I am attending college in the health arena.  Learning so much about people’s health conditions gives a greater appreciation of life. What’s interesting is that there are a lot of caregivers in the world who do everything a CNA does – they are just not certified.  Caregiving is not only a skill but a necessity that has been happening for centuries. What caregiving really boils down to is simply thinking of others’ needs. Caregiving is not always so physical.  Sometimes all caregiving entails is sitting and listening.  When people are vulnerable to loneliness due to illness, sometimes listening to their thoughts can be of the most important value.

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