05.30.2012: Captain Kirk’s Leadership

(From LinkedIn)

Captain Kirk had advisers who had a different worldview not only from each other, but also from himself, a clear demonstration of Kirk’s confidence in himself as a leader. Weak leaders surround themselves with yes men who are afraid to argue with them. That fosters an organizational culture that stifles creativity and innovation, and leaves members of the organization afraid to speak up. That can leave the organization unable to solve problems or change course. Historically, this has led to some serious disasters, such as Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Organizations that allow for differences of opinion are better at developing innovation, better at solving problems, and better at avoiding groupthink. We all need a McCoy and a Spock in our lives and organizations.

William Shatner as Kirk in a promotional photo...

One Response to 05.30.2012: Captain Kirk’s Leadership

  1. Tony says:

    Sadly, our political theater is rife with examples of elected officials surrounding themselves with yes men (& women) who just replicate the same thinking without any room for compromise with opposing views. Our seeming inability to ‘get along’ is one major reason for the political climate and polarization of our entire country.

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