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Parkway SleepHealth Centers Announces Upgrades to Cary Facility
(Cary, N.C.) The Triangle’s innovative leader in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, Parkway SleepHealth Centers, has finalized major upgrades to its Cary overnight sleep disorder testing facility. Conveniently located at the intersection of Cary Parkway and High House Road, the state-of-the-art center features spa-like amenities and unique family suites developed under the compassionate care model followed by Parkway SleepHealth Centers medical staff.
“We realize that an overnight sleep study is an extremely personal and sometimes unnerving experience,” said Parkway Practice Director Donna Manjorin, LPN, RPSGT, adding, “That’s why we’ve created a relaxing environment to eliminate patient stress and provide a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.”

According to Manjorin, the upgrades to the Cary testing facility include top-shelf computer equipment in a fully equipped control center; a medical examination room; a sleep testing prep room with massage chair; a “Grab & Go” breakfast bar; and a hotel-like atmosphere, including Sleep Number beds by Select Comfort®, Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Unique to the Triangle, Parkway SleepHealth Center’s Cary testing facility includes “family suites” where sleep partners or caregivers can accompany patients for overnight visits, while staying comfortably in a companion room so as not to interrupt sleep testing.

“Having family members stay nearby helps patients feel more comfortable and relaxed which leads to truer results and helps us establish a baseline for treatment,” said Leslie Boyce, MD, Parkway’s Pediatric Neurologist and Sleep Specialist.

Parkway’s overnight sleep testing can be used to detect sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea which are affecting a patient’s health and have been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Since snoring can result in poor sleep, researchers believe it can lead to attention problems the next day. In a recent study, children who snored were shown to be almost twice as likely as their peers to have ADHD.

Early diagnosis of sleep disorders in children can help in dealing physical ailments as well as help address issues with a child’s attention, language abilities and overall intelligence.

Unlike busy hospital clinics, each Parkway SleepHealth Centers testing facility is located in a quiet location and is fully staffed with on-site sleep technicians who carefully monitor patients overnight with audio and video. Studies are scheduled at the patient’s convenience, customized to their daily sleep habits. Upon arrival, patients young and old can choose a complimentary relaxation massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist to help set the stage for a good night’s sleep.

“We are sympathetic to the needs of our patients in everything we do, especially the overnight sleep testing, which is extremely important when you are dealing with children,” Dr. Boyce said, adding, “Knowing that mom or dad are just next door helps alleviate any anxiety, and it feels like a fun night away in a nice hotel.”

After diagnosing patients, Parkway provides ongoing access to trained medical professionals, staying in contact to help them through their individualized, comprehensive treatment plans. Unlike competitors who put sensitive patient care in the hands of inexperienced, non-medical employees, Parkway SleepHealth Centers actually has a full-time medical doctor, Dr. Khaleel Ahmed, MD, D,ABSM on staff and a team of credentialed medical professionals providing individualized diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Ahmed is fully trained in the field of sleep apnea, working with fellow MDs including a neurologist and sleep specialist; a pediatrician and pediatric sleep specialist; and a supervising physician in addition to ten registered polysomnographic technologists to help patients in need.

Parkway SleepHealth Centers is hosting the free insomnia workshop “Sleep Health & You” October 13 at the Renaissance Raleigh Hotel in North Hills. To register, visit http://www.parkwaysleep.com/workshops by October 13th. Individuals with questions about the workshop or their sleep health can call 919-462-8081 or email physicianteam@parkwaysleep.com.

About Parkway SleepHealth Centers
Parkway SleepHealth Centers is the Triangle’s innovative leader in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our full-time, in-house MD leads a team of credentialed, compassionate professionals in helping men, women, and children suffering from more than 70 kinds of sleep disorders such as apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia. Accommodating each patient’s individual needs, Parkway SleepHealth Centers manages relaxing, spa-like testing facilities and provides all-inclusive health management services incorporating ongoing care and treatment. To learn more about the Parkway SleepHealth Centers family, visit http://www.parkwaysleep.com.

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