10.04.2011: Another feral trapped!

Got another feral cat trapped, to be snipped today!  He is NOT a happy cat!

7 Responses to 10.04.2011: Another feral trapped!

  1. Tony says:

    “Snipped” you say! Egad, what miserable happenstance allowed this poor creature to fall into your nefarious grasp to have such an egregious deed done upon his person. No more yowling at his fellow felines over the fine feminine members of their community; no, now only a mysterious, half-forgotten ‘something’ that is forever missing from his life. Sad day!
    But really, glad day as it will result in fewer animals running loose, going hungry and being injured. You have my admiration for your work with the kitty community [even in this case ;-)]

    • Sherry Brink says:

      The miserable deed is that he walked into a trap all by himself!!!! Guess he really wanted that can of sardines. He should be rejoining his colony tomorrow, a born-again male!

      • Tony says:

        Yes, the appetite and short-term goals can lead to unexpected ends…oh well, a full belly and urges that would get him in trouble that, in time, he will not miss…much….MeOW!

      • Sherry Brink says:

        LOL. I finally steam cleaned the carpet this past weekend. This morning, I was greeted by a poop on the carpet. When I came home for lunch, I was greeted with two cat throw-ups. Well, the carpet still looks better than it did! Is this next weekend you and Kathy are getting married again?

      • Tony says:

        Hey Sherry!
        October 29th at 1PM at First Alliance Church, 1601 Pope Road, Winston-Salem…we’ll be sending out an invitation e-mail tomorrow or the next day and yes, you WILL be getting one. Hope that you and Dave can come…the Hispanic ladies of the church there will be preparing the food for the reception…YUMMMM

      • Sherry Brink says:

        I’ll be looking for the e-mail. My daughter is getting married this Sunday, so I guess it is a popular month! Sherry

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