09.28.2011: Sherman Anti-Trust Act passed in 1890!

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed in 1890. It prohibits price-fixing. In1982, a Boston survey group was found to be price-fixing salaries. It wasn’t a survey as we think of it today. These companies got together and asked themselves how much a secretary should make—and then paid the agreed amount.

Eventually, in early 1990’s, survey safe harbor guidelines were developed. To fall under the safe harbor,

 The survey must be conducted by a third party. If you are part of a local comp or HR group, you must have third party do your survey, Bottos says.

  • Data must be at least 3 months old, so no one’s using real-time data.
  • Each disseminated statistic must have five companies reporting data.
  • You should not be able to identify an individual or a company
  • No individual company’s information can represent more than 25 percent of each disseminated statistic. (So no one’s controlling the market, Bottos says.)

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