The American Jobs Act 2011



2 Responses to The American Jobs Act 2011

  1. I’m not sure of many of the “details” that have been shared by the president as well as the talking heads, but am uncomfortable with the idea of government becoming bigger and spending more and more money to dig out of an already enormous hole. Small and medium PRIVATE businesses are the linchpin of our economy and until they begin to hire, throwing the entire Treasury at the unemployment problem will only make more debt and further stifle job growth. How can any employer want to hire in the current economy?

    • Sherry Brink says:

      I’m not a political junkie but I got the impression he is taking away from something to give to employment and I am just not clear on what he is taking away from. I know he is serious about getting jobs for people and I don’t like to criticize him because I wouldn’t know what to suggest that would be better due to my lack of experience in this. Something went terribly wrong before Obama was president but I’m just not sure where along the way it was. I’m sure that Democrats and Republicans each have their opinion but I do know that it is now everybody’s problem.

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